The moment has arrived

The moment has arrived
don’t hesitate
my tears have tried
in a final blaze of pride
my blessing follows you
as you journey into freedom
travelling first-class

Take your seat in the best compartment
where others move with you
toward tomorrow’s headlines
perhaps you will help to make the law
my voice is heard no more
its unlikely you will break the law
when your own law prescribes
the beauty of the moment

Your road reaches this intersection
where signposts show the right direction
you had to span the centuries
to grasp a moment’s triumph
as you enter the corridor
stretching between
the present and distant horizon
the familiar terrain
becomes unchartered....

Remember the angels
who dogged the footsteps of your childhood
clear a path for you
through the future undergrowth
but beware of that small angel, Luck
sometimes he is a fraud
who wears your clothes