Christmas approaches

... (a nostalgic time)
Love and remembrance
create the mood of Christmas
memories swirl around us
snowflakes scattered on the seas
for Christmas was not white
painted instead in blues and gold
sunlit seas, shimmering sands
carefree days of summer
passed too soon

Running to meet the coming years
you leapt giant strides to manhood
yet in the heat of summer
I shivered on the sands
for hard on our heels
the awesome winds of change
whistled a warning
I dared not ignore

Watching you confront change
seeing your courage, confidence
I saw the wind die down
a refreshing breeze blew away
cobwebs of delusion
change was inherent in our lives
yet withstanding change
undiminished by distance
was the power of love

Now another year, another world
I still watch from afar
as you seize the controls
continuing your solo flight
to new heights, new discoveries
the changing order
kept the old intact
the windows of my world are wider
keeping you in sight

One blood, one spirit
differences exist
enlarging your horizons
beyond the scope of mine
yet the severed chord
left no hurt, no scar
left me ever aware
I miss you
as Christmas approaches